Events at The Black Horse

Monday Night - Pasta Night

Select from a number of pasta dishes with a complementary glass of house wine for £9.95 per person

Wednesday Lunch Time Special

One Course - £5.50 or Two Courses for £7.50

Bar Billiards Team
We have gathered together a group of keen amateurs who regularly get together to play a game or two - new team member always welcome.

The Black Horse Charity Chilli Day
In aid of Pilgrim's Hospice

Saturday 7th September
12 noon - 5pm

Join us for a fun-filled CHILLI afternoon

Food Stalls
Craft stalls
Special Chilli inspired menu
Special chilli cocktail menu

For the brave hearted a 'Chilli Eating Competition'

Bouncy Castle

3pm Judging of the Chilli Growing and Showing Competition



Entries are welcomed from two age groups

· Adult – 15 years and over

· Junior – 14 years and under

Entries will be accepted for any recognised type of chilli.


1. Chillies grown and shown in a pot

Exhibitors may exhibit up to three individual pots on payment of the appropriate fee for each pot. This category will be judged on the overall health and quality of the plant and the chillies on it. Size does not matter.

2. Chillies harvested and displayed

Exhibitors may display up to three types of chilli in any way they wish. This category will be judged on the quality of the chillies and how they are displayed. Any plate, board or display base must not exceed 25cm or 10” square or in diameter.


1. All exhibits must be grown by the exhibitor from seed or seedlings.

2. RHS show specifications do not apply. This competition is for fun, to encourage people to grow things and to raise money for charity.

3. The judges’ decisions are final. Any attempt to bribe them will be warmly welcomed but will not affect the outcome and may result in the culprit paying a fine to the Pilgrims’ collecting tin or being composted.

4. Entry fees are £2for adults and £1 for juniors

5. Judging will be at the Black Horse on Saturday at 3pm. Entries MUST be submitted to The Black Horse NO LATER than 1pm on Saturday 7th

6. The judges are Nicola Pomponio, Mike Laughlin, Malcolm Watts

Growing Tips

· Most chilli varieties are easy to grow provided they have warmth and good light. They should grow well in a greenhouse, conservatory or similar environment.

· Chilli plants are not frost-hardy so cold weather will kill them.

· If not grown from seed, young chilli plants are available from most garden centres, usually for no more than £1.50.

· We hope to have a limited number of chilli plants for sale in the Black Horse from mid to late April. Proceeds from their sale will also go to the Pilgrims’ Hospice.

· For less-experienced growers and those with limited space, the Baskets of Fire or Super Chilli varieties may be good options to grow.

· Larger varieties need more space to grow but they can make very handsome plants. Plants in this competition will not be judged on size though.

· Chillies need feeding regularly, like tomatoes. They will grow in the same environment as tomatoes but if they are in slightly warmer conditions, they should grow better.